Hi, I'm Patty Rusin

A Job Search Coach and Career Specialist

I'm Patty Rusin

A Job Search Coach
and Career Expert

At Getting There Today, we're Job Search Coaches + Career Specialists focused on you.

As Career Speciaists, we help ambitious job-seekers create the future they envision for their careers by shining a light on their uniqueness, experience, skills and achievements so that they can see their particular potential and stand up for their value; landing a job they love. We love helping others by highlighting their achievements so that they can see their potential and value. Everyone is their own worst critic.  Most people struggle to see themselves for who they truly are and all they have to offer. We change that. We see what others can’t. We know that by identifying and embracing your talents and skills, you will see work and yourself differently, and realize your potential for success.

The Team

Patty Rusin

Hi, I’m Patty, a Career Specialist & Job Search Coach with over 25 years of experience in HR, helping businesses grow by developing career goals and paths for their team members, helping individuals pivot and relaunch their careers, and assisting a company with positioning to become one of Crain’s 100 Best Places to Work in Chicago 2019 & 2020 by implementing an employee appreciation program and initiating an e-learning platform to provide independent career development coursework. I believe there’s nothing more important to an organization’s success than its people.

Today I am focused on helping individuals get a clear sense of what makes them unique and leveraging their strengths to create a powerful new career path. I really care. I want to get to know you, explore what motivates you, understand what makes you tick. Together we will identify obstacles, brainstorm solutions, and celebrate victories.  I want everyone to enjoy careers that are meaningful and fulfilling.

I have sat on the other side of the interview table, reviewed hundreds of both good and inadequate resumes, performed candidate searches, worked with recruiters and am here to guide you to put your best foot forward. 

Ashlee Sea

Ashlee Sea is a Career Specialist with 5+ years of experience in Human Resources. Ashlee earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Saint Xavier University where her main areas of focus were human motivation and positive psychology. Prior to beginning a career in HR, Ashlee spent 8+ years in the restaurant industry where she mastered the art of networking and relationship-building. Her HR experience has allowed her to further hone her team-building skills, devise systems for effective employee career development, and gain a deep understanding of what today’s employers are seeking.

At the root of every job and career is a person. Above all else, Ashlee understands the key to happiness is a person with a healthy life - mentally, physically, and in the workplace.  She is excited to help people find their balance.

We want you to find purpose in your career that inspires and motivates you.  We want you to recognize your talents; not only make a difference, but stand out and be different.  

We want you to feel fulfilled and proud of who you are and what you do.

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