Reviews & Testimonials

Returning to the workforce after raising a family was intimidating. Although I did not sit home idly for those years, I did not know how to position my skills in the best light for today’s employers. Patty did. She took my non-traditional experience and translated it into marketable skills for the current job market. This gave me the confidence to apply to higher quality positions. She loves helping others succeed. I highly recommend!

Jan M., Career Relaunch

Being downsized later in life is hard. Competing with younger professionals is intimidating. Patty gave my resume a reboot; modernizing it to stand out from the crowd, focusing on my solid history of experience and the unique value proposition I offer. 

Christine G., Resume Reboot

I have my own consulting business and was looking for an update to my resume to pursue new revenue streams. Patty gave my resume a fresh new look that has paid off. 

Jack F., Consultant

Contemplating making a career change after 30+ years. I had no idea how to write a resume suitable for a job search in today’s market. Patty came up with a creative, professional layout that highlighted my achievements, focused on the value of my expertise, and was designed to stand out from the crowd. I am more than happy with the results.

Donna S., Resume Reboot

Passed my Boards and needed to take my resume to the next level as a Nurse Practitioner. The finished resume confirmed I made the right choice to work with Patty. The way she presents my career development and specialty knowledge, I know will work to my advantage as I pursue the next phase of my career. 

Sheryl G., Career Advancement

Finding a position with value while attending college, rather than just “making a buck” by waitressing, was a challenge until Patty helped me compose a professional resume. I accepted a position that taught me so much and later turned into an offer for full-time after graduation. Couldn’t have done it without the professional resume Patty created.

Holly R., Art Institute of Atlanta

Patty's insightful questions during the resume rewriting process helped me better understand my value as a job candidate. The stylish resume highlighted my skills in a way that boosted my confidence walking into interviews. I was able to earn a job I love in a new field I wouldn't even have considered before. Working with Patty opened new doors for me. 

Kevin V., Governors State University

As a recent grad, finding the right words to put in my resume was a challenge. I wasn’t confident enough to create my own for an entry-level candidate with little work experience. I heard about Patty’s resume service from other recent grads. Working with her was easy, and she was enthusiastic throughout the process. The final version was great and really boosted my confidence. I now see myself thru a more professional (not student) lens and know that potential employers will too. Highly recommend!

Kyle M., Indiana University

I am VERY happy to inform you that I already have several interviews set up. Thank you so much for revamping my resume; your resume service has helped me start on the right path. It was worth the money, thanks again.

Emily K., DePaul University

Finishing my senior year, I took a class geared toward the job search. After completing, I submitted my newly written resume to the Career Services department to be added to the database for employers to access. They actually turned it down. It was not good enough. They did not offer suggestions or assistance to rework it. I turned to Patty who completely reformatted it, reworded and highlighted my skills and accomplishments. A week later, I returned to the campus Career Services department and they asked to use my resume as an example for other students. The final version helped me secure a job before graduation!

Harris R., Ivy Tech

The suggestions and career counseling I received went above and beyond. I gained a much better understanding of what employers are looking for, rather than pursuing a position based solely on what I am seeking. Big eye opener!

Justin K., University of Iowa

Landed a job I really enjoy, in an industry that I had not previously considered. With Patty’s guidance and input, together we reworked my resume to showcase my transferable skills. The interviewer even asked me about my resume because he was so impressed. I had my offer within the week.

Andrew G., Indiana University

A friend referred me to Patty. Wow! The end result was very impressive and exceeded my expectations. I could not have created a resume like this on my own. 

Abigail K., Purdue University

The resume I wrote was not getting results. I contacted Patty. She asked a lot of questions and showed me all that I had to offer, though didn’t realize the value. In the end, I was far more confident interviewing for positions and accepted a great offer. Being able to see myself as a professional through her eyes made a huge difference in my job search!

Austin R., Western Michigan University

I found Patty through a friend of a friend. College teaches you a lot of things, but it doesn’t teach you how to conduct a job search. Patty took my roughly written resume with little work experience, then found a way to amplify my skills and talents. She made the process easy and delivered a professional looking resume within days. 

Chloe M., Indiana University

Like most new graduates, I did not know the difference between an okay resume and one that would get an employer’s attention. Patty created a very professional resume and I am happy to say it paid off with a great offer.

Steve J.., Purdue University

My friend’s resume looked so much better than mine that I had to ask who helped him. Patty was happy to share her expertise. I showed the revised version to one of my professors who thought it was great in both layout and style. Would definitely recommend.

Mike A., Valparaiso University