A story of loss, resilience & life-changing lessons.

Let me introduce you to an amazing woman who is both inspirational and real. She champions everyone she meets to SHINE. Her name is Ashley LeMieux. I have been a faithful reader of her blog, “The Shine Project”, since the beginning and had the pleasure of watching her dreams evolve and grow thru the years. Please check it out if you have a moment. She does not disappoint. https://theshineproject.com/

Ashley has a book coming out and I know that it will be of the same quality that The Shine Project has always delivered. https://www.amazon.com/Born-Shine-Practical-Darkest-Moments/dp/1642793841/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Born+To+Shine&qid=1567187609&s=gateway&sr=8-1

The fall “Born To Shine” Tour kicks off October 7th, and here’s the most exciting part: No matter where you live, you can watch it LIVE !

If you pre-order the book, you will have access to the LIVE event happening on October 7th via livestream. Grab your girlfriends, your small groups, your clubs, your husband… and enjoy a special night of healing, hope, and courage… right from your home.

Note: I have not been paid for this post. It is strictly because I love Ashley and all that she does to empower others. Just want to share and introduce you to an amazing person following her dream.

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