Celebrate Independence Day!

Can you believe 2019 is halfway over? How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? Have you lost that 10 lbs? Gotten a new job? July 1st can be the perfect day to hit the reset button. In anticipation of the 4th of July holiday, why not plan your own Independence Day? Let freedom ring and free yourself from whatever is holding you back.

If you need a trainer to lose those 10 lbs, seek one out. Strike a deal. You can ask the trainer to work out with you, devise a starter plan that you can use for two weeks on your own, and then go back for another check-in, and updated plan. Any steps taken in the right direction are getting you that much closer to your goal.

View your job search in the same manner. Resumes can be, and should be, tweaked as you pursue your new position. Keep in mind your resume is what will set the tone for your interview. You want it to stand out from your competition in both style and content to get that interview. Then the recruiter or employer is going to use your resume as the road map for the interview. It is key to include bullet points that you can elaborate on in conversation. 99% of the questions you will be asked will be based on what they have read in your resume. Whether you are writing the resume or have help composing it, you will need to be able to expound on what you have highlighted as that resume is going to be the script for your interview.

Surely you have heard about the six degrees of separation relative to Kevin Bacon. Well, your next position is said to be only three degrees away from your personal network. When answering a job post, think about your network. Talk to them. Does anyone work at your target company? Do they know someone who works there? Is someone you know related to or connected to a current employee at the company? Talk it up. Seek out a link. Make a connection. If possible, ask their input on your resume. Would they be interested in referring you? A resume that hits the HR desk attached to a referral is going to be viewed with more interest. Many firms offer incentives to their current staff for credible referrals. If hired, it could be a win/win situation for both you and your reference.

It is time to be BOLD! Hit the reset and take advantage of the longer days of summer to be more productive as you pursue your resolutions. Resolve to get out of your own way.

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