Do you REALLY want a job?

Will you be able to tear yourself away from what is now your life?

True story. I had someone try to reschedule the job interview that I scheduled with him just yesterday at the time he requested. The reason he wants to reschedule is because he has since checked the train schedule and to make the interview at the time he chose, he will have to spend about 25 minutes “killing time” prior to the appointment. He doesn’t want to wait. He’d rather come later and keep his potential employer waiting. Given that my team has other interviews to conduct on a tight schedule, I had to tell his recruiter that he either keeps the appointment at 10 a.m. or we will move on to someone else.

I am truly blown away. Does this person want this opportunity? Only if it doesn’t inconvenience him for even a few minutes….hmmm.

The overview of this opportunity is that the salary range is $60k-$75k, 100% employer paid insurance benefits including BCBS health, vision, dental, life, disability coverage, up to a 10% holiday bonus, company paid career development e-learning program, 17 vacation days, 11 paid holidays, and many other perks. The applicant knows all of this, but … the prospect of sitting in the corner coffee shop for 25 minutes is just too much for him to endure. Afterall, HIS time is valuable.

Please respect the time of the recruiters and the HR managers that are inundated with stacks of resumes…some qualified, some not, some desperate. Please understand that if a recruiter or HR manager selects your resume for a phone interview or personal interview, your resume has caught their eye. Your qualifications are a close enough match to the skill set they seek for them to want to speak with you personally. If you are not truly interested in the position they wish to fill, please do not waste your time or theirs. Searching for the right hire is a long and tedious process. There is absolutely no reason to make the process harder than it has to be.

Stepping down from my soap box now. I am happy to help anyone who honestly is pursuing their career goals. I love helping people chase their dreams. What can I do to help you?

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