No boundaries…aim high!

Sorry to be out of touch. I am now on day 9 of a sinus infection, double ear infection, and case of strep throat. I do pride myself on being thorough.

I have been thinking about motivation a lot lately. You see, I have a 14 year old boy (#5) who has officially turned into a “teenager”… mutant, but not ninja turtle. Gone is the little boy who curled up next to me on the couch to eat popcorn and watch a Disney movie. He is the baby. The four big boys are grown and on their own. I have this strange sense of this being my last chance to “get it right” to motivate him and instill all the good stuff in him so that he is inspired to go out and conquer the world.

#5 is a pretty accomplished kiddo for his age. He already has marketable job skills. He is a good student and has great hair too. He also has a mom who is all about setting goals and facing challenges head-on. So in an effort to get said child to start each morning using his brain, I have begun posting inspirational quotes and messages on post-it notes (don’t you wish you invented those things?) on his bathroom mirror. I know that he is reading them because instead of throwing them away, I found a pile stuffed in his sock drawer. Yes, I am counting that as a W for mom (Cub’s fan here).

As I was writing out this morning’s words of wisdom, it occurred to me that I should be doing the same for myself. Give myself the same opportunity to ponder a positive thought each morning while showering for work. In order to make it seem more random, I am going to spend some time this weekend writing up some words of wisdom and encouragement on slips of paper and putting them into a jar that I can draw from each morning. Some may think this silly, but it lends a bit of a surprise element to the process when I am both the one writing the notes and reading them. Anyone care to join me in this venture?

Who says we can’t be our own best friend and cheerleader? Let’s do this!

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