How big is your brave?

How big is your brave? What stops you from pursuing your dreams? It isn’t failure that stops us from “getting there”. Fear of failure or rejection is what stops us. Fear robs us of confidence. It diminishes how we see ourselves, as well as the image we project.

We are always being judged. Typically, we are our own worst critics. The real world is a series of competitions. Are you going to accept a participation trophy or go for the win? Will you strive to win the dream job, the dream mate, the “Barbie dream house”? We hold ourselves up for judgement, hoping to “win”; right?  Don’t settle.  Don’t back away from a challenge.  You can do it!

For the past 20 years, I have entered the baking competitions at the Lake County Fair. Why, you ask? Well, how many chances does one get as an adult to win a blue ribbon, get a gold star, showboat for a little outside validation? While my triumphs have not allowed me to build a domestic empire like Martha Stewart, the failures as well as the wins have inspired me to keep tweaking new recipes and putting my efforts out there to be judged.

So find your “thing”.  Face your fear.  Put yourself out there.  You got this!

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