Self Care is NECESSARY

Looking for a new career or new position can take its toll mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is necessary to take care of yourself. While I don’t advocate booking a tropical vacation on your credit card if you are unemployed or under employed, I do recommend taking a time-out to recharge, rethink your course, get your bearings, and breathe.

I am a big list maker and find that dumping my many thoughts into a notebook (I use a steno pad…nothing fancy), helps me organize tasks into an action plan to tackle.

Also avid reader, I like to take mental vacations by escaping into a good book or even a trashy novel as a break from my usual career related reading. And while I do have and love my Kindle Fire, I still enjoy holding a paperback and always carry one with me in my purse.

FYI – My favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail” as I like to dream of owning a bookstore like The Shop Around the Corner and often ask myself, “What would Kathleen Kelly do?” when faced with a decision. Meg Ryan is simply charming as the female lead and Tom Hanks…absolutely adorable. If you haven’t seen it, do take a little break one night and rent it.

So treat yourself to a vacation or staycation or enjoy a little diversion to clear your head and chill out. You can then return to your career pursuits refreshed and renewed.

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