The job hunt IS your job, until you have one .

Traditionally, job seekers have held a very linear view of the job hunt process. Write a resume, find a job posting, submit the resume, and wait to hear back; hoping to get an interview. Attend interview or schedule phone interview, expound on resume, then wait again to hear if there will be second interview.

Today, job hunting is more involved; truly a hunt and a job itself. Today’s job seeker hunts online, at networking events, career fairs, professional association meetings, with recruiters, and even at Starbucks, in search of his dream job.

Sound daunting? Do you know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

First, find a job posting of interest. Research the company using Google, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. If still interested, tailor your resume to align with the job post requirements.

Highlight specific skills requested and insert keywords that are prominent in the post. This will help your resume be recognized by applicant tracking software used to find matching skill sets.

Next, craft a cover letter that connects the dots for the reader; leading him to the conclusion that YOU are the answer to his company’s problem.

Tweak your LinkedIn profile, then search for any connections (even second or third degree) that work for or have worked in the past, for the company. Reach out and express your interest, asking for any insight they may be able to provide. Better still, would they be willing to refer you for the position? Many companies have referral programs because they believe “Good people know good people.”

Now check yourself out. Verify that all social media platforms are consistent with your newly tweaked resume. You want your personal brand to be strong; optimized by any content connected to your virtual footprint. Know that you WILL be googled. Do you have an electronic portfolio? Podcasts? Blog? Your own TEDx talk? Personal website? A strong personal brand is often a game changer and the key to being selected for an interview. It demonstrates tech savvy, confidence, initiative, and highlights your various skills.

As a jobseeker, you are a marketer. It is your job to market yourself to potential employers. Marketing is about more than a single interaction. It’s about building a rapport and enticing your audience to want to know you better.

Today’s employers are on a journey to find the answer to their problem. It can be messy and unpredictable. One employer may look for information about your brand on LinkedIn, while another will seek out your personal website, and another may search for you on Instagram. It is imperative to be consistent across the various platforms to build a strong brand image. The good news is, you are in control and can truly personalize your message. You can change, update, and tweak as many times as you wish. View yourself as the product and potential employers as your customers. When applying a marketing mindset to the job hunt, it is easier make a case for the age-old interview question, “Why should I hire YOU?”

A successful job hunt takes time. Like the employers, you want to do your homework to ensure that the position you are pursuing is what you want to do and that the company itself, is a good fit too.

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Happy to help job seekers find their voice, showcase their skills, and pursue their dreams.

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