“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

News Flash: It’s true. I’m sorry, that may not have been what you wanted to hear.

Picture This: You’re at a party and meet someone for the first time; you will surely notice his manners, his impeccable suit, his handshake or posture. Something is going to strike a chord and you will remember the person for that “something”. Let’s hope it won’t be bad breath or sweaty palms.

Consider your resume your wingman. It will lay the groundwork for your “big entrance”. When you hit “send” to a job posting, you have sent your resume into the party to engage your reader’s attention, the same way your infectious smile or stylish wardrobe captures your audience’s attention in person. Do you want to be the person noticed from across the room whom others seek out to meet? Or do you want to blend in, hoping to meander over to a certain someone and be included in his conversation while longing to make an undeniable, cosmic connection and impress him with your witty banter? What are the odds, right?

Fact: Appearance matters. I am not saying one’s size, shape or color matters. I am saying appearance matters. One is less likely to engage the homeless man pushing a shopping cart in a conversation about a job opening than the stylish woman in the commanding red dress and chic haircut.

Appearance is about style…how does your resume represent your personal style and industry’s image, as well as your skill set? Your presentation can open doors by being the something that gets you noticed from afar or in cyberspace. Your resume is the virtual key to new opportunities as it ventures forth to introduce you to the world and potential employers you have not yet met personally.

Question: Would a Trunk Club stylist be able to improve your appearance; infuse style? If your personal stylist selected an outfit that complimented your personality, enhanced your attributes, and exuded style, you would likely feel more confident and energized; smile more easily, speak more comfortably, and walk a little taller when wearing it.

A resume reboot works the same way. How does the formatting set you apart from others vying for the same position? Is it the standard block style of yesteryear? Could it benefit from a refresh? If the HR manager has a desk covered in resumes, does yours stand out from across the room making eye contact? The visual appearance matters if you are hoping to catch the recruiter’s eye and engage. You must first have the reader’s attention, before you can dazzle them with your skills and knowledge.

An Invitation:

Through the month of February, take advantage of a free resume assessment. Send in your current resume with a job post that interests you. I will review both and make a couple of suggestions, if needed, to better align the presentation of your skills to the position advertised, at no cost. Consider it a step into the dressing room to try on a new style.

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